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NJAA was formed in 2000 to promote, protect and preserve the state's multi billion dollar general aviation industry. Its membership includes a cross section of professionals that represent all corners of New Jersey's aviation interests, with emphasis on the special needs of the state's business community. Our mission is to increase the awareness that general aviation, as a key component of New Jersey's intermodal transportation system, touches every aspect of our lives and has a profound influence on New Jersey's quality of life.

NJAA serves as the "Voice of New Jersey Aviation. It's a voice that needs to be heard. According to the recent New Jersey State Aviation System Plan, general aviation provides approximately 18,000 aviation related and dependent jobs in New Jersey, with an estimated payroll of at least $624 million and an estimated $1.7 billion in annual economic benefits.

Our members speak to this almost every day. They advocate for the protection of airports, advise decision makers and provide answers to the public about general aviation issues. They appear at hearings at the federal, state and local levels and serve on numerous task forces and commissions, all to promote general aviation's role in the economic development of our state.

And we don't stop there. NJAA has formed alliances with national aviation organizations and supports them when needed to achieve our mutual goals.

General aviation in New Jersey faces greater challenges than ever before as development continues unabated. Already the most densely populated state in the union, New Jersey continues to set new density records annually. Airports, which were built in what were once rural areas, are now surrounded by homes and schools. This has created numerous differences of opinion amongst homeowners, environmental groups and the aviation community.

At NJAA, we seek to resolve these differences in a way that promotes general aviation as a safe and important component of economic development, encourages responsible community relations, and respects the environmental and social concerns of each and every New Jersey resident touched by our industry. Although this may seem like a difficult challenge, we believe that through responsible advocacy, education, awareness, and communication, we can accomplish our goals.

On behalf of our board of directors and staff, I invite you to browse our website and learn about the various challenges we face. I hope you'll join us as we work to ensure the health, vitality and well being of the general aviation community in New Jersey.


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