Joint NJAA/MAAC Call To Action!
Tell your congressman or senator you support common sense reform to mitigate the burden of Presidential TFRs. You support legislation extending the "Maryland-Three" rules to any airport under a recurring Presidential TFRs.
Support Mid Atlantic Aviation Coalition (MAAC) and the New Jersey Aviation Association (NJAA). Your membership in these organizations allows them to educate lawmakers on behalf of general aviation in New Jersey. Visit their websites, renew your membership and make your voice heard.
What does this do?
It allows pilots who are screened to be given a PIN code and operate in and out of the inner ring of the TFR. 

This program is already successfully in place and has allowed College Park, Potomac Airfield and Hyde Field to continue to operate despite their proximity to the Capitol and White House. 

This program already exists, nothing needs to be invented, and it affords protection for our nation's leaders while allowing law-abiding pilots access to their aircraft and airports.
What can you do?
Contact your Congressman or Senator and tell him/her you support this common sense legislation. Follow the links below for your representative or click on "Find my Congressman/Senator" link and put in your zip code to make contact and express your support:
"North Jersey is bearing a tremendous burden when the President visits his golf course. General aviation and the airports that serve pilots are severely impaired by forced closure. I support legislation extending the 'Maryland-Three' rules to airports under a recurring Presidential TFR. Allow law-abiding/screened pilots access to their airplanes and airports using rules and program that already exist and has proven safe and effective. Support general aviation. This program has allowed the three DC area airports to continue operating and providing public air transportation. Thanks in advance for any help in adopting rational security practices."
Mid Atlantic Aviation Coalition PO Box 155 Pluckemin NJ 07978

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